Ronald McDonald House Murals

When a child is seriously ill caregivers often find themselves traveling far from home for required medical care. That’s why Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario provides welcoming home environments that give families emotional and physical comfort and support as they stay close.

Our task was to illustrate fun engaging murals for their space in the hospital.


Ronald McDonald House Murals



What We Did

We illustrated two large format murals to be printed on a door. The outside and the inside as well as colourful animal footprints leading you to the door.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Footprints


Four styles of foot prints were illustrated in bright colours to be placed on the floor of the hospital to lead curious children to the door murals.


All of the animals illustrated on the murals are safari animals. Often they have little Easter eggs accompanying them for the children to discover and find.

Games can be played with the children such as; can you find two hippos? Or can you find a red balloon?

Ronald McDonald House Mural
Ronald McDonald House Mural

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