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Hi, my name is Eric Joppart and I’m a young and aspiring graphic designer and web developer. Currently I’m 24 years old, which makes me the 6th kid in our household of 10 kids. Yes! You read it right, I’ve got 9 wonderful siblings (5 sisters and 4 brothers).

Not only do I pursue academic goals, I also have a big love for basketball. My dad used to be a basketball coach back in Africa and with my height (6’4) it’s only natural for me to continue the legacy. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was younger but his life and the lessons he taught me inspire me till this day.

Where did you attend college?

I attended college at St. Clair College in Canada, Windsor and Haute École Francisco Ferrer in Belgium, Brussels.

You went to school in two countries, what is one major pro for each and one major con for each of the schools?

Pro Canada: I enjoyed the process of learning. In this case, the teacher would first take time to show us how to do the task correctly with multiples methods and techniques. Then after they follow us up individually during the whole process making sure we complete the task till the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this method of teaching because all of your efforts have a clear purpose and the teacher really teaches like the title suggests.

Con Canada: I don’t really have a con because it was one of my greatest academical experiences of my life.

Pro Belgium: I enjoyed the fact that I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge in web development with programming. This actually completed my knowledge from St. Clair College where I learned how to handle more traditional tools and develop a grounded feeling for design, lay out and illustration.

Con Belgium: Most of the teachers don’t really take time to explain and show you how to do the assigned task. Instead they give you a project were you have to do your own research and watch tutorials to be able to do the task.

So I kind of taught myself which is great too, but it raises questions as to why I’m a student and their teachers…

Eric Joppart
Eric Joppart

What other education, online training or development programs have you taken to train yourself? This could be specific videos or channels or articles read on the internet. This is more about self taught learning rather than what the schools enforce you to learn.

  • I learned how to make a little game with JS. (Java Script)
  • I also did some research about food photography for a specific personal project.
  • I was also able to improve my video editing skills with a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently while in school?

I will definitely not limit myself to what only the school teaches me but try to add extra knowledge for myself.

What do you feel college did not teach or prepare you for in your career? In other words what are schools lacking to get you ready for the real world?

I think that college can prepare us better for real life work experiences so that we can get a better feeling of what is awaiting us in the industry and be less lost on the field.

What specifically motivated you to go this direction in your career?

What drives me the most is the flexibility I can have with this career. It will give me the possibility to travel all around the world like I have always wished and still be able to work from a distance.

Who has inspired you as a mentor and what was the most valuable lesson you learned from them?

I get most of my inspiration from my dad who used to be a painter too. He opened my eyes and mind to the value and beauty of creativity.

What design books would you recommend for upcoming designers? Does your generation even read print anymore?

Funny enough I haven’t read any design books yet. Instead, I’ve watched lots of design related shows, competitions, documentaries, movies, etc. Most youngsters of my generation would probably have the same answer as I to this question. Though there is one thing I strongly believe, that books hide the best secrets to life. Maybe I should get reading! 😉

What is your favourite software program or app, and why?

My favorite program is illustrator because it is the program that I have mastered the best and am the most comfortable with.

Eric Joppart
Eric Joppart

What is your favourite social media platform, and why?

Instagram because the advertisement strategy is way deeper than we could ever imagine. Then again, there still remain some questionable dilemmas.

This question is very important. If you had to pick one... who is your favourite superhero or villain and why?

My favorite superhero is Black Panther because for me he really represents someone stronger than just a regular super hero wanting to eradicate bad. He represents my roots and the black community. Not only does he aspire to eradicate bad but he inspires the good and to do good to everyone. Through this hero the beauty of Africa and its inhabitants are magnified.

If you had an opportunity to broadcast a special “thank you” to anyone via this interview, who would it be and what would you like us to say?

I would like to say thank you to my special someone. You know who you are. This person has been by my side for the past few years, pushing me forward, picking me up when I was down. But especially, when I was at a big hurdle in my life, you were there to carry me over it when you don’t even have enough muscle to do one push up. Thank you!

An obviously a big thank you to Duke Marketing Agency for giving me the opportunity to showcase my creativity to the world. 🙂

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