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We're incredibly happy with the results. Duke Marketing Agency took our input every step of the way to produce a logo that we absolutely love. We can't recommend them enough!

Nathaniel St. PierreCartoon Kingdom

Duke Marketing Agency has been nothing but exceptional with all the Windsor Circus School has needed assistance with. From formulating to creative design. Duke Marketing Agency has been efficient in portraying a vision we could not lay on paper ourselves. Yes, everyone has an idea they go in with, the way this particular agency brings life to your ideas is magical. Thank you David for all your current and future help.

Tia NicolettiWindsor Circus School

I recommend Duke Marketing Agency for all your design needs. The work will be done accurately, thoroughly and at a very competitive price. Duke Marketing Agency is both a good communicator and a good listener to make sure the results meets your expectations. Whatever your design needs may be, Duke Marketing Agency will satisfy them with professionalism, creativity and expediency.

Maurice MarwoodWindsor Power and Sail Squadron

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With rise of COVID our team no longer works at the office. We enjoy working remotely from home. We can just as easily communicate and get the job done, while in our PJ’s.

The office is used only for meetings and mail. So if you want to meet face to face make an appointment. Otherwise no one will be there to let you in.



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